Friday, September 8, 2017


The 49th Annual Intellectual Disabilities Fund

Tootsie Roll Drive

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

September 15-17th

The 2017 ID Tootsie Roll Fund Drive will be held in various locations on the East Side at participating businesses and street intersections.

Please give generously!


                  Faith is a lifelong journey, and the RCIA is a parish journey designed to assist individuals who wish to strengthen their relationship with God.

                  RCIA is an acronym for Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults and provides for a variety of spiritual needs. The make-up of a typical RCIA class is as follows:

· Adults who have never been baptized in any church or people who are members of a non-Christian religion

· Adults who have been baptized in a Protestant Church but no longer are practicing members of that church

· Adults who have been baptized as Roman Catholics, but who at some point stopped practicing their Catholic faith (Many of these folks would like to return to the Church or to be instructed for the reception of the sacraments, but just don’t know what to do.)

· Adult Catholics who wish to renew their faith commitment and are seeking an experience of community.

Our first meeting is informational and is open to anyone 18 or older, who is interested. The informational meeting takes place:

Wednesday, September 20th at 7PM

Mary Chapel (church)

Attention Men and Women:

We are in need of Ushers at all masses. If you would like to volunteer for this very important Ministry, please call the Rectory and leave your name and phone number.


Welcome Fr. Augustin Vondou, Archdiocese of Garoua, in the north of Cameroon, Central Africa. Fr. Augustin will visit our parish on Saturday and Sunday, September 16th & 17th.

The archdiocese of Garoua is situated in the north of Cameroon, which happened to be the least educated and less developed part of the country. In the bid to fight ignorance, unemployment, immoralities, street children phenomenon and poverty, the archdiocese of Garoua founded St Andrew’s Secondary and High school in 2012 with its first classrooms built of straw. With the help of people of good will, we were able to put up a building of 4 classrooms. Now with more than 400 students, there is insufficiency of classrooms to accommodate all the students in order to properly educate them. The archdiocese of Garoua is a relatively young (just over 60 years old) and a struggling diocese. Despite our good will and efforts, we are not able to build the school alone; that is why we have recourse to you our brothers and sisters of Annunciata Parish, Chicago, inviting you to extend your love and compassion to your brothers and sisters of that far away part of the world. The proceeds of the appeal will go to build one or two more classrooms to get those who still have classes under trees and straw classrooms to be sheltered. We rely on your generosity. God bless and reward you abundantly.

ARCHBISHOP’S MASS in Cathedral to Focus on Domestic Violence

Archbishop Blasé J. Cupich will celebrate a Mass to end Domestic Violence on Saturday, September 30 at 5:15pm in Holy Name Cathedral. Everyone in invited. He will preach on our need to reach out to victims of domestic violence and their children and work to build healthy relationships in our families. A reception in the parish hall will follow the Mass.

Friday, August 11, 2017

$100 Raffle Tickets!

Annunciata School & Parish



 $100.00 Raffle - Only 500 tickets sold

· 1st Prize - $15,000.00            4th Prize - $1,500.00

· 2nd Prize - $3,000.00             5th Prize - $500.00

· 3rd Prize - $2,500.00           6th & 7th Prize - 250.00                         8th thru 12th Prize - $200.00

Tickets are now available at the Rectory

Monday thru Friday

                 10AM - 12noon   &   1:30PM - 3PM

Drawing — Saturday, October 28, 2017

Remember only 500 tickets are available.

If  you’re  not  in,  you  can’t  win!!!


Classes to prepare challenged students to receive the sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation start:

                                  Tuesday, October 3, 2017

                                  6PM - 7:30PM in the Mary Chapel

If you are interested in learning more about us or would like to register your child we will be registering Tuesday, September 12th from 6-7:30pm in Church. Please bring a copy of child’s Baptismal Certificate.